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More powerful than a to-do list, less junk than project management apps.

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Blake Hey Sarah, I need you to do some work for the event
Sarah Sure, no problem, can you create it on Workast?
Blake /todo Pick up brochures for Myer event @sarah Tuesday 9am
To-do bot Pick up brochures for Myer event Assigned: @Sarah Due: Tuesday 9am

Slack is where teams communicate.
Workast is where work gets done.


With Workast, your Slack channels and conversations are turned into to-do lists.
Don't waste time setting up projects or boards, just add Workast to your team.

Project management apps suck.
Discover what makes Workast better.

Less than 3 minutes
No need for team members to sign up to another application:

Workast connects directly with the team Slack account, get your whole team up and running in less than 3 minutes.

All in one
Get rid of the whiteboard, post-it notes, starred emails and personal to-do list app:

Workast captures it all, from large projects, ad-hoc work, daily tasks, team meetings and personal tasks all in one place.

Avoid large boards
Stop navigating large boards to try to understand what your team is working on:

View tasks in an easy to read list with smart reporting to see what your team is working on in less than a minute.

Eliminate the learning curve
Eliminate the learning curve and manage projects instantly:

Workast is simple yet powerful enough to manage team projects without the complicated set up of other project management software.

Trusted by over 100,000 teams on Slack

Simon Thomas

Daci H.

Electronic Arts - Project Lead

"We use Workast for task tracking throughout the day. Visibility has definitely improved and I’ve made it mandatory for my teams to use. Workast is simple to use and maintain.".

Sonia Phillips

Trung L.

Live Nation - Software Engineer

"Productivity has increased significantly. Workast keeps track of what my peers and I need to accomplish and that process pushes us to get work done quicker. I highly recommend Workast, it makes our lives easier.".

Kelly De Leon

Arijit M.

Oracle - Senior Engineer

"I would recommend Workast to others because it is precise, simple and effective. I use Workast to collaboratively create tasks for team members. We work on Social Data analysis and Workast has been very beneficial at managing micro-level tasks. ".

Greg Sellon

Nicolas T.

Expedia - Software Manager

"I have a team of about 20 people who develop several applications and I use Workast to assign tasks to my team as well as remind myself of tasks. It is a nice tool that is evolving quickly in the team. Worksat is great with my tech leads and I would definitely recommend it! ".

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Don't waste time trying to figure out how to run reports

Measure team productivity, see overview of projects and outstanding work in less than a minute with smart reports


Workast helps teams identify and plan daily work, forecast projects and capture ad-hoc tasks.

Create tasks directly in Slack Create tasks directly in Slack
Unlimited lists Unlimited lists
Intuitive due dates Intuitive due dates
Recurring dates Recurring dates
Notifications Notifications
Reminders Reminders
Comments Comments
Assign one or many people to tasks Assign one or many people to tasks
Daily digest Daily digest
Priorities Priorities
Reporting Reporting

Get more work done with Workast

No more waiting for team members to sign up to a separate application:

Get your team up and running with Workast in less than 3 minutes using existing Slack accounts

Create tasks
Create tasks when the Slack conversation is happening:

No more switching between applications to create a task.
Quickly and easily create a task in Slack.

My lists
A place to capture all the work for the team:

Workast has a place for all types of work. Create small or large projects, daily tasks, a personal to-do list and ad-hoc tasks.