1. Add To-do bot to your Slack team:

After you add To-do bot to your Slack team, everyone in the team will have access to use To-do bot without having to individually sign-up to the application.

2. Create your first task

create your first task

Click on a channel in Slack and simply type /todo followed by the task details to create a task. The tasks created in a channel is shared with the participants of that channel and is public.

3. Set due dates and assign team members

Set due dates

To-do bot is best used when shared in a team. Help your team know what they need to do by setting due dates and assigning team members to a task.

4. Keep track of all team work

Keep track

Keep track of your task list for you and your team in Slack. See what work still needs to be done in the channel.

To-do bot is built for teamwork in Slack

Complete tasks without leaving Slack

Complete tasks

Mark tasks as done without leaving your Slack conversation. Simply pull up the task list and use the Slack message menus to mark a task as complete

Reminders on tasks to keep you on track

Reminders on tasks

Never forget another task with reminders from To-do bot. Set a due date and time, and you will be reminded of the task at the designated time.

Use Slack threads to add comments on tasks


Click on the task notification from To-do bot in Slack and use the thread function to comment on a task that you have been assigned. A comment notification will be sent to the creator of the task.

Daily reminder of all your work

Daily reminder

See all your assigned tasks across all channels with a daily digest of the tasks due today so you know exactly what needs to be done for the day.

Manage your own personal to-do list

Manage your own work

Create private tasks on your own personal to-do list that can only be seen by you.

Head over to Workast for a greater overview

Do more with Workast. Mark tasks as done with the click of a button, see the tasks assigned to a team member, filter by due date, change the priority of a task and much more!

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