Where work gets done

My Lists

Organize your team work based on lists. Make a list for a project, meeting, topic, team, event and more - all team members will know exactly what they need to do.

where work gets done

My Team

Create a to-do list directly with one other team member. These lists are private, one on one tasks and can only be viewed by you and the other participant. Great for small projects or sensitive information.

where work gets done

My Reports

Know exactly what your team is working on with custom reports. See an overview of all outstanding tasks, overdue tasks, completed tasks by a team member, tasks assigned to a team member or tasks due a certain day.

my reports

Transparent Task Management

task management

Assign tasks to team members: Create tasks for yourself and for team members so that everyone knows what they need to get done.

Due dates and reminders: Use due dates and our automated reminders to ensure no task is missed and team members know the priority for the task.

Set recurring tasks: Create and set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and so on for tasks that need to be done on a recurring basis.

Keep Team Organized

keep team organized

Drag and drop based on priorities: Use the simple drag and drop function in Workast to move tasks up and down the to-do list to ensure team members know the priority of a task.

View by due dates: Sort tasks by due dates and see all the work that needs to be completed.

See workload by team member: See the tasks assigned to each team member for each list to manage and plan workload.

Custom Reporting and Management

custom reporting

See all overdue tasks across all lists: Ensure overdue tasks are taken care of by creating a custom report to show all overdue tasks across all lists.

View all tasks for each team member: Plan and manage a team members workload by viewing all the tasks that they are assigned to across all lists.

Overview of all completed tasks: See how well your team is doing by viewing a custom report to see all the completed tasks for your team.